Help With Words

Have you decided to invest in some new promotional materials, a new brochure, a new leaflet or a new website? Feeling all excited about the creative process and at last having some brand spanking new, professionally designed materials that will have a fresh, modern look that will showcase your products? Congratulations!

Hold on….has the designer just asked you for some text to accompany the lovely new imagery they’re producing? Are you staring at a blank sheet of paper and wondering what you can write? Need help with words?

I’ve liaised with a number of designers creating the copy for materials that they produce. I can’t draw or design but I can write. I’ve written copy for websites, brochures, leaflets, sales letters, newsletters and more. Working with you, I aim to capture the essence of your business, where you want to position your company in the market and find your ‘voice’ style. I highlight the key features and benefits of your product which you probably just take for granted or don’t think are particularly unique.

We’re all vying for the same customers so we need to try and stand out. Initially this can be done visually to grab attention, but when they start reading about your company and your products, we need to light that spark that will make them contact you and not your competitor.

If you need help with words and writing copy, contact me on 07855 265542.