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Welcome to Blue Orange Marketing

Blue Orange Marketing works with SMEs who don’t have the time, resources or skills to do marketing and do it consistently. I help raise your profile in your market, attract more business & communicate regularly with your customers.

Blue Orange Marketing provides a range of B2B marketing services:

  • I act as your marketing department & press office
  • I plan & deliver your marketing communications
  • I create & develop your corporate & product branding
  • I make sure your marketing gets done!

All delivered with a smile and some humour along the way. Want to find out more? Call me on 07855 265542 or email me.


Some businesses just need to know they're heading in the right direction and a conversation with Sharon can put them on the right track.

Whether it's a one off consultation or a more regular monthly retainer, Sharon can give that independent third party advice on any aspect of marketing. Whether it's acting as a Marketing Mentor and agreeing actions and chasing to ensure you've completed them, or delivering agreed marketing actions on your behalf, having a sounding board can really help.

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PR & Advertising

Advertising is about raising awareness of your company and your products and services. A well-designed advert can do a lot - if designed and targeted well.

All too often we see adverts that don't market the company very well at all. They either contain too much information, use poor quality images, are designed by someone who thinks they know about design but obviously doesn't, and they don't always contain the critical 'call to action'.

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How do you communicate with your customers?

Do you even communicate with them?!

Want help defining the messages that you want to share with an audience?

Whatever the media (online, offline and somewhere in between), I can help you devise key messages about your business and about your product/service and create a plan for regular communication.

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Social Media

More companies are using social media as a communications channel. But few have a social media strategy - do you?

If you're going to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube etc) then you need to be clear on why you are doing it, what results you want and what guidance you're going to give your staff.

I can also help you with the graphic design for your social media sites so there is consistent branding across social media tools that ties in with your existing offline and online branding.

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Ticking Clock

The Clock Was Ticking

Let me tell you a story. We were sitting in an office staring blankly at our screens. The clock was ticking, the water cooler gurgling and the organisation we were working for had largely forgotten that we existed. Another day passed by. And then another. And then another. Tick tock, as the seconds of our lives slipped away. And then we realised that there might actually be another way. We were all separately working with organisations, each doing our own little bit and not really getting anywhere…

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