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How good are you at asking for testimonials or feedback?

Customer feedback and testimonials are great for your brand as they provide third party proof that you deliver what you say you will. Did you solve a problem, provide a solution, deliver something on time and within budget, do a good job or were great to work with?

However, as a nation, we’re really not very good at shouting about our successes. And I’m guilty of this too.

Testimonials are fantastic sources of information that can be directly used on your website (have you seen mine under My Clients?), and any customer quotes can be used as part of your social media content.

Ways to ask for Testimonials

You can ask your customers for testimonials in various ways:

But even less favourable customer feedback is still good as it provides an opportunity for you to make improvements and changes in your business. These too can be used in marketing as you can promote the changes you’ve made following customer feedback.

Do you have a favourite mechanism for requesting feedback? Do you offer an incentive to encourage customers to respond? Let me know!