Sales or Marketing

I speak to many businesses who tell me they have a sales team, someone doing their accounts, they have a manufacturing or distribution process, the owners run the business but they don’t have anyone who focuses on marketing.

I feel there’s often confusion about the difference between Sales and Marketing. How many jobs have you seen advertising Sales & Marketing Executives but when you dig down into the job spec, what they’re really looking for are Sales people.

For me, the sales process converts leads into purchases, whilst marketing is the process of building the brand and pursuing a customer. The functions work hand in hand. And should work closely together.

Marketing supports and helps you deliver your business plan. Marketing should include strategic activities such as establishing or building your brand, focussing on your strengths and market opportunities, strengthening customer loyalty so they will repeat buy and give referrals, helping to identify market segmentation and feeding into new product development. At a tactical level, marketing supports your sales teams by delivering coordinated marketing communications and promotional activities.

Your sales team will probably be undertaking some marketing activities already. Sending emails, posting literature and product information to customers, placing advertising, and even doing some social media…but they may not be doing this to an overall plan and in a coordinated way. That’s where I can help.

I can be your marketing department by ensuring there is a plan to what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. I can see what marketing activity needs to be undertaken to ensure you’re regularly talking to your customers & prospects and telling them something about your business, the people who work in it and about your products & services and doing this both offline and online.

So if you are an established but growing SMEs who would like some help in delivering your marketing and promotional activities to a clear remit to an agreed budget of time and costs, why not give me a call on 07855 265542 to discuss how I can help you?