The Power of Feedback

When you receive unexpected positive feedback it’s one of the best feelings you can have and certainly made my day!

A few days ago Sean at Daredevil Creative, a local designer I collaborate with, shared some amazing feedback about working with me. I hadn’t asked him. It was out of the blue! And it was amazing!

Feedback and testimonials are a great way for customers to build confidence in your product or service. They trust what other customers say, good or bad, and it can motivate them to make a purchase. It’s free advertising!

Quite often feedback written by others will highlight a particular aspect of your product or service that you may not express on your website or marketing materials. Sean for example talked about my personality which made me someone he wanted to work with, but also how I quizzed him to find out more about his work so I could write his case studies in the style he wanted.

How many times has a review influenced whether you purchased something?

Read Sean’s feedback.